Please check back another time to complete a questionnaire for our career profiles website.

You must work for at least 25 hours a week, have a minimum of 3 years work experience OR an associates degree & you earn an income.

Welcome to The Career Project!

The Career Project is an online study that is designed to gather real information about the careers of real people. Eventually, the information you share will be used to help those whose career path is undecided on the  TheCareerProject.org.

There are two documents that we would like for you to fill out: the “Career Chart” and “Career Questionnaire.”  Please complete them to the best of your ability and comfort level. Be as honest as possible. You will remain anonymous to those viewing your answers, and your personal information will remain confidential.  You must complete both to be considered complete. We do random employment verification so please list your work email or work phone number.

PARTICIPATION GIFT! For your participation you will receive a “Specialty Coffee Card” ranging in amounts from $5.00-$50.00. For legal purposes I cannot disclose the brand name of the coffee shop but rest assure, it is probably the one you are thinking of and can find on any street block in the United States.

Release Form

(Please read criteria carefully)

The information you do choose to provide for the  “Career Questionnaire” and “Career Chart” are subject to publication, and all information that you provide will be used regardless of completion on the new live site TheCareerProject.ORG. You will remain anonymous. The Director of The Career Project is the only person who has access to your contact information. Your personal contact information will remain confidential, it will never be published. Your mailing address will only be used to mail you the “Specialty Coffee Card.” The amounts range from $5.00-$50.00 and will be distributed randomly.

I hereby release, and forever discharge Alicia D. Schwartz, her heirs, executers, from all actions and claims that undersigned ever had, now has, or that his or her heirs may have against Alicia Schwartz, by reason of related too the “Career Questionnaire” and “Career Chart.”  I authorize the release for publication all information that I provide in the “Career Questionnaire” and “Career Chart,” and that I am duly authorized to do so.  I will not misrepresent myself and my employer.


To be eligible to receive the gift card and be entered in the giveaway

1. Complete BOTH documents “Career Questionnaire and the “Career Chart.”
2. “The Career Chart”  must be filled out with more than a few sentences and with genuine detail.
3. Majority of the “Career Questionnaire” must be filled out with genuine detail. If it calls for more than a one word answer, write a few sentences. (It is ok to leave questions blank)
4. Over 23 years of age
5. Work at least 25 hours a week at employment
6.  We  currently have filled our quota in certain fields. We are no longer accepting applicants from the Administrative, Food Service, Entry level Retail/Cashier positions. This temporary.
7. You have to be employed and receiving an income from that work. (no domestic engineers, interns)
8. Must have a minimum of an associates degree or have worked for at least 3 years in your current position

NEW: Verification of employment:

Option 1- Please provide us during registration with your work email. IE If you work at a company called Wall Street, Acceptable: Smith@WallStreet.com, NOT acceptable Smith.wallstreet@yahoo.com. We will confirm this is your work email by sending you a confirmation email.

Option 2- Provide us with your work number at registration. If you are uncomfortable doing so please provide a general number to contact. If you are unable to comply with any of the  options above you will not receive your gift-card. We will confirm your employment.

NEW! Rules for Receiving Questions on TheCareerProject.org

(2nd way to earn a coffee card for very little work!)

If you choose to be able to be contacted about your employment, our users on TheCareerProject.org will submit questions anonymously to your profile. You do not have to login to view question or answer question. You will receive an EMAIL, there will be a link provided where you can submit your answer. You never have to pay for service, you never have to login, all exchanges will be done on the email and will automatically be posted on to your profile for people who pay for the service. No one will ever see your personal contact information including your email. This is all conducted through an anonymous email system.

COMPENSATION: You will receive a coffee gift-card for even answering 1 question! (amounts range from $5.00-$50.00)

RULES: You must answer within 48 hours for question to count, it must be a well thought out answer and at least a few sentences. You must answer all questions submitted to you.

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